Pueden las tetas de Saeko esquivar una bala?

Hace unas semanas en un foro de Reedit se dio un tema muy interesante de uno de mis animes favoritos y que yo creo adecuado el publicarlo en mi blog.
El titulo de la entrada ya da a entender de que va el tema y junto al Gif ya ni te cuento, el caso es que en el anime Highschool of the Dead hay una escena (la del GIF) poco "realista" y un usuario de Reedit lo a explicado de la mejor manera posible:

This is going to be a lot of speculation, but screw it.
Based on the gif it appears to be a single shot fired from a handgun. 9mm is very common and probably the best for reference.
Average muzzle velocity for common 9mm FMJ ammo is around 1150 FPS.
Her breast size appears to be a DD, which via some quick googling would be roughly 4" across with a 1" gap midway out. 'Depth' of the breast, or roughly the distance her left one travels from the time the bullet passes over her right one is approx. 6" inches.
So, with the bullet moving at 1150 feet per second, that means her breasts moved 12 inches total in the time it took the bullet to travel 9 inches, or 4/3 the speed of the bullet.
Titty velocity would then be in the realm of 1150 * (4/3) = approx. 1533 feet per second. This INCLUDES completely reversing direction at that speed, so actual peak velocity would be higher.
As far as physiological effects, 1 G of gravity is 32 f/s 2 so her boobs and related connective tissue would have been experiencing about 48 Gs of acceleration. I'm no physics expert, but were that to occur in reality I assume they would have ripped off her body into a red mist of mammary tissue.
I spent way too much time on this.
**Edit - Apparently it is actually 7.62x51 NATO, averaging around 2700 fps. So the updated boob velocity would be more like 3600 fps, or 112.5 Gs. Maybe this would be a good question for xkcd's "What If?"

Cuanto menos interesante

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